Arkwood Pond's Favorite Detective in...
The Wild and Wacky Water Caper

Episode 1: Murder? Definitely Murder

I had just got off the phone with a distraught Mrs. Swollenspepper. She was extremely upset, and she completely had the right to be. No woman should ever have to see what she just saw. Insanefully frightening. I have no idea how one would ever deal with such a horrific thought.

The sheer horror and urgency of what I had just heard sank straight into my head as I walked the stairs up to the fifth floor, right into my office. I don't know, maybe the police in the big cities get used to hearing about this kind of stuff all the time, and then it's just another day for them, but as for little old me out here in the middle of nowhere, the sheer idea is absolutely frightening. I mean, I'll be fine, I'm just upset and disturbed by the whole ordeal. It's not exactly business as usual for me.

Anyways, I approach my office, and grimfully turn the brass door handle. It seemed greener than usual today, like maybe it had been used a bit too much. Too many times was there a reason for someone to enter this door. It was starting to seem like Arkwood Pond's not exactly the peaceful place that it was supposed to be.

I turn the knob, and enter the door, and it doesn't make the situation any better that I have to say:

"Cynthia, we must go immediately. There's been a murder, and I think someone's been tampering with the town's medical supplies."

Good place for a cliffhanger? Good place for a cliffhanger. Disappointing though, as it seems the story's barely been started. Oh well, I'm sure we'll find out what's happening soon enough. It's especially possible if you go ahead and read Chapter 2 .

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