The Wild and Wacky Water Caper

Episode 9: Wacky Water


Clurain jumped up from out of the middle of the water fountain, busting straight through it as she came, and then she kicked it down, picked it up, threw it on the ground, turned around, gave me an angry look, and ran off.

I started to say something anyway. "But I thought that that only applied to...

"No wait hold on...


"No. What just happened?" I found myself more confused than usual.

"Do you mean the bit where that one girl from the restaurant jumped in from out of nowhere, grabbed you away from the water fountain, kicked it, yelled at you, and ran away? Yeah, that was odd."

Cynthia clearly wasn't looking close enough. I mean, she really busted up that water fountain bad.

"No, but C, if you actually look over there, you'll see that she really busted...

"No but I saw...

"Why is the water fountain standing upright right where it goes?" Yes, I do regret not opening the chapter with this sentence, but unfortunately things didn't work out that way.

"That's... that's how water fountains normally are." Yeah, Cynthia's back to looking at me like I'm stupid.

"Well clearly I understand that , but I saw her bust up the fountain. Like... she busted straight out through the center of it and thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat really doesn't make any sense come to think of it, but that's what I saw."

"You know, I'm sorry," Cynthia began. "I understand that I've not always been an easy person to work with, and I know that my outbursts have been super stressful and embarrassing recently. I think that my stress has put too much stress on to you, and it's causing you to crack. I really hope that when this case is over that you get some good relaxation in, and I promise that I'll try to get my honey boo bear moopey doopey out of your... I NEVER CALL HIM THAT! Why would I say? I... I never... I never thought that a million bees would look so pretty..."

Yeah, Cynthia's looking almost as calm as that tiger over there. You know, the one by that giant pile of snakes that's covering my head and all my body. Something's not right about this.

"Shaaay, pardnerrt. I finkiss a bit wooodey that feig zat da worle zizszz..." Cynthia got rudely interrupted by Clurain throwing hot coffee in both her and my faces.

Yeah, one more chapter, and I'm cliffhangering it here. That's right. Me. I'm doing it. Yes, that's me, Mr. Announcer-guy-in-the-small-print-at-the-end-of-chapters-that-really-hates-and-whines-and-whines-about-cliffhangers-guy. I'm doing the cliffhanger, and I hate myself for it. How dare I. Tune in next time or some crap.

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