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Why they should build a giant letter E

They should build a giant letter E. Who is [sic] they? Why the people in charge of such things, of course. Building a giant letter E would be a great boost to the economy. It would also be a sign of hope for people. Lastly, it would be a reminder of how great our country can be. How could this possibly be true? Is this proposition ridiculous? Who are we even talking about? Keep these questions in mind and judge for yourself as you read on.

Who should build a giant letter E? The people should. Specifically, the unemployed of America should build this giant letter E. Employing many people into the construction of such a silly sounding project would be a boost into our economy, especially if most of the employed were lacking in useful job skills. This project could become hands on training into construction, blueprint reading, and task planning. Using such a silly project as this one, we could turn unemployable people into useful workers that will be able to contribute to the greater needs of society later on, all without the risk of harming a more important project.

Bringing such people on to such a project could then inspire hope for the adults of the future, currently known as our children. By employing people who would otherwise be known as losers, we could show our future adults that any great task can be accomplished if you put in the work and the time to learn. When they see that giant letter E reaching for the sky, and are told of how it was constructed, they'll be supplied with the inspiration that they need to know that they can do anything when they put their mind to it, and put their hands to it as well. Even though it's just a giant letter E, it's still a large project, full of hard work, but the possibilities will shine through when seen with the right eye.

How would such a project be financed? There are many ways that this could happen. Money usually spent on grants for the arts could be applied here. Not only is this an artistic project, but it's one that would employ and train many people. Another source of funding would be through construction and manufacturing companies. Some companies will sponsor training for future employees in order to increase the amount of people that they can hire that will be competent right off the bat. Said companies could be convinced to sponsor a future employee by paying a portion of the salary that employee would receive for working on the giant letter E project. This would be cheaper than training an employee on the job as the company would not have to pay the full salary to an uneducated worker, and the company would not have to experience slowdowns from pulling other employees from their work to train the new guy. This could be seen as a boost for the company, and works out well for the E-builder.

America wasn't built by people sitting around waiting for it. America was built by people who were willing to do the work, and the same applies to giant letter E's. By accomplishing this project, we can reignite that spark and build our country into the bastion of hope that it once was. When people see that giant E, and it need not be an E, it could be any giant structure, but when they see that E, they'll see what America can do. They'll see what happens when our people come together to build something great. Let's ignite that hope, and accomplish this dream together.

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