Our Favorite Detective Duo


Not Russian Enough

Chapter 1: Are we going to fix this problem yet?

Mustard problems... Buildings disappearing... Water poisoning... Oh, what else?

"Hey guys, what's been going on?"

Yeah, finally. This is the one where we actually deal with the Richard issue.

I guess I should recap that for you, shouldn't I?

My talented co-worker Cynthia used to work for a mustard factory... kind of. She actually was an employee there, and did take pride in her work producing quality mustard, but she was also involved in something else. I'm still not quite sure what that something else was, I don't think my brain was quite working right at the time, but it was something evil. Except she wasn't actually doing evil. She got involved in order to tip me off, and get a stop put on the bad guy. Because of this, I managed to get the police department to hire her as an assistant, and eventually to become a detective herself.

She's actually a great detective, but she's only ever had one case, and it's been open for a really long time. The problem is that it's a missing person's case for a child... well... he's not a child anymore, and we weren't sure if it was even possible to find him. He's not exactly found yet, but recently someone who claims to be him made brief contact with his mother. Since we're not exactly sure whether it's him or not, the case is still open, and because of that, Cynthia can't pick up new cases.

This poses an advantage for me, however. Chief Geordi recognizes that Cynthia's case might not get solved, and that's there's not much of leads to pursue with it. He also recognizes that we work well together, so he's been letting her help me with the stuff I've been assigned to. This was nice for her until I blew it.

One day a bunch of buildings went missing. Water tower, our town's biggest and most main building was one of them. Cynthia was inside, and I said something about that in the wrong place. After we got the buildings back, her husband Richard went inside after her, and didn't find her where he thought he should.

Cynthia never let him know that she changed jobs, and this is how he found out.

This is a problem. She hasn't said exactly why, but he's in danger now because he knows this. I guess he's safe inside my office for some reason, but he's not allowed to leave at all. It was okay for a little bit, but it's really getting time to do something about this.

Oh yeah, while we're catching up on stuff... In between when he got stuck in the office and now someone poisoned the water for the whole city and a dude dies and we've just been way to busy dealing with all of that that we haven't even been able to really properly deal with this issue, and I know that that's got to bothering Richard pretty bad, even though he's been really nice about it.

Yeah, it's really time to do something about this.

Hey-o! It's me: The guy who's job it is to complain about cliffhangers after every chapter. I really don't know what to do now, as we're at the end of chapter one and the story hasn't really even started yet. I guess I could do my actual job and say, "Tune in next time and find out what they're going to do on the next episode of Our Favorite Detective Duo".

Oh yeah, the link for the next chapter should be down in the read this too thing below. If it's not below, then this is the latest one.

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