In our last adventure of SuperMegaTroise! we found out that Arkwood Pond had been invaded by none other than that dastardly horrible scoundrel known as RobotoTron. The entire city had basically been destroyed; however, a few buildings remained. It seemed as though RobotoTron was intentionally avoiding a particular shop known as Levinburgs on Holster Ave. Why was this one shop being avoided in particular? This is just one of the things that SuperMegaTroise! intends to find out, just as soon as he...

BLAM! One attack was all that I needed in order to destroy that puny little RoboTroid. The pitiful creature lay on the ground helpless, just in the manner that it should be. One less RoboTroid to terrorize the citizens of Arkwood Pond. Now that he was out of the way, I could continue en route to Levinburgs on Holster Ave.

As I take on this great mission, I realize that the song of my heart is beating a great joy. The joy of life and challenge came through my soul and brought strength. The strength of song. The strength of spirit. The strength of fighting challege.

I arrived at Levinburgs in just enough time to escape yet another attack. There was a sign on the door saying, "Closed due to unusual circumstances." Using my UltraSonicLaser attack I broke into the store to find the secret element inside. I hunted around with SuperRay vision to see the special element. But even with Ultra technology I could not find what seemed to be an ordinary object. But even in it's ordinaryness there was something special about it. In order to tell though, I needed to get back to my lab.

What's in his lab? I guess we'll just have to find out in the next miniepisode of SuperMegaTroise!

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Epsiode 2:

As I run back to my lab with super mega speed of feet I have realized my full song. My time has come to begin. But yet, as I running, I have come across the great impass. Yet another RoboTroid has come to fight for the ultimate challenge. But I did not come with fear, I have come to bring great fear. And fear I will bring to RobotoTron to stop him from terrorizing the citizens. But first, I must bring down yet another weak RoboTroid. That is, of course, unless it is a coward of yellow. So I gave it the great challenge of fighting. Then I defeated it and won. And the whole city was rejoicing of joy and gladness. Then I returned to my lab and began to analyze the great object of awesomeness.

As I scanned the object I began to realize that it could hold many things inside it. It could contain objects of identification. It could contain divisions or devices of computation and calculation. It could be used as an object of defense. But yet, in its awesomeness, it was an everyday object. It was an everyday object that could be used by any regular person. But once a regular person gets this object, they are no longer a regular person. They become a person with power.

What was this object? (Like we can't guess) But of course we can not guess because that is forbidden. We must wait until the next episode of SuperMegaTroise!

Episode 3:

My song came in from my heart as my realization toward the object built from within. It's brown leather covering of secretive hiding could no longer contain the secret within. I knew within my song I must hide the object before the frighting chicken RobotoTron laid his own claim of wanting upon the super object. His evil combined with the power could for have upon the citizens of our fair city.

The name beheld upon such object of power it was, all become of it's name: The Case of Breif! Allowing others to have the sight of such object gives alone the behold tune to his heart. His heart, the sound of joy, the song of spirit, the ability to challenge fighting fulfilled through The Case of Brief! Such a wonder could save the world, along with all of us inside. The status symbol giving me +5 cool power filled me with my ability to go on fighting for the beauty. And fighting for my bride of freedom I set out to do.

His fight for freedom continues still! Join us on this same channel, this same time next time for more adventures of SuperMegaTroise!

Episode 4:

A time elasped... many more.

Burning wreckage has settled upon the dust of destruction. The great fight completed, the many wins accomplished, the foes time lost. For I knew in the great melody of my fighting soul that the time had come. That time was now.

Rising up came forward my great enemy. He had died of a thousand hours past, but he arose. Coming in was his scanning eye, seeing for the sight of destruction. He knew in his calculator heart that it was me. He knew that it was my song that was sung.

It was sung upon him.

How sad of he.

How sad indeed it was. For beside of him came burning the orphanage to it's doom. He filled with laughing.

HAHAHAH! came in his robotic, frigid, computer voice of brain. "I see it, the destruction has laid. If only it was the children were inside too." Of course, it was I who had rescued the children from him and his burning inferno, but he would not know that

Oh. The poor orphans. Why must they be homeless? How appropriate. They have not a tune of the family, nor the song of home. Their spirits dwindle in the cold. The only salvation... no... the only way it could be is...

...A dastardly cliffhanger! Why must this come upon us now!? The only way to ever find out what happens next is to wait patiently until next time! And as SuperMegaTroise! always says: Eat Your Fruit, Kids! Eat for health and well of being!

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