That's good coffee. Real good coffee. Okay, I think I'm ready to get back to work.

I grabbed my jacket and case and headed back out into the street. I looked over to my left, where my destination should be, but something seemed off. Somthing was terribly off. I looked again, and I just couldn't quite put my finger on it. Something was wrong and I... what was I doing? I had coffee and then...

Right! Work!

I set off to go back to the office and thaaaaaaaaaat's what's wrong. The office is gone. How's it gone? That makes no sense. At least I wasn't in the building. But still... how's the office... Crap! Cynthia was eating lunch in there! Is she okay? I hope she's okay.

Nothing. There's nobody, no reason why the building's gone. How'd it disappear so fast? I mean, it has... how many floors does it have? I should know this. Why don't I?

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