Vs. The Evil Group:

Chapter 1.2: It begins

How am I supposed to write this? I've got to write the report, but how? Guess I'll write it on paper, but then where to submit it? The public infomation office was in the...

"Hey, have you seen my wife?"

What? How would I know who your wife... Oh. You're Richard. But still...

"I'm sorry, who is your wife?" He can't know that Cynthia is working as an undercover detective.

"Oh, yeah. It's been a while. Her name's Cynthia Walerston. She works for South Brook Mustard Manufacturing. I believe you met her while doing a report at MustardCon 09?"

Right. Forgot about that. He still thinks she works for SBMM-co. Also, are we calling it that? It's shorter to write, so I'll with it.

"Yes. I remember that now. I mean, I interviewed a number of people, but I do remember who you're talking about. No, I haven't seen her recently. Wouldn't she be a bit... closer to South Brook?" Hah, got him now. The only way he can get out of this one is with a logical response.

"Actually no." No? What does he... "She usually likes to eat lunch in the places on the first level of Water Tower, and I'm somewhat concerned because the building is missing."

"Huh. Hadn't noticed." Really? That's the best I could come up with? Not noticing that the central building to all of Water County is missing? You'd think since I'm writing this that I'd edit that out, but, factual accuracy, down to the last detail.

"Yeah, it's weird how I didn't see that at first either. It's like you don't notice it's missing until you're looking for it. Weird."

"Weird indeed." Yes! He went with it.

"Well, I'd better be on my way. See you around."

"Hope you find your wife." I hope I find her too.

That's it for this episode. Tune in next time to find out why I think I can give out spoilers to the next part of the story. See you later folks.

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