The spook chest of Booger doo!

This halloween (of 2011), I wanted to do a mock scary story, because I haven't done much for the site this year. What is resulting is a last minute attempt to throw something together. Hope you enjoy it, cause I feel kinda bad about it.

Once upon a time, in a dark scary closet, in the corner of the ashtray, next to the leather jackets, there lived a booger. This booger was no ordinary booger though. This booger had a name, and this booger's name was Booger doo.

Booger doo was a very ordinary young fellow, living an ordinary life. He had a mother, a father, and three sisters, all of which called him Booger doo, which was his name. He had a backpack, and he packed it every evening. Every morning, he got on the school bus, and went to school. Yes, overall an ordinary life.

A rather unordinary thing was a major part of Booger doo's life. You see, back when his father, Booger daddy, was a child, his father, Grampy booger, would pack a sandwich every day, and take it to the attic. Booger daddy never knew why, but Booger doo did. One Christmas, when the Booger clan was over at Grampy boogers house, to visit Mammy and Grampy booger, it all came clear to Booger doo, which was very interesting since Booger doo didn't know anything about this until that fateful day.

Grampy booger took Booger doo up to the attic and began to show him everything. You see, at one time, the Booger clan were people, just like you and I. They went to the store for groceries, just like you and I. They used the telephone to talk to people, just like you and I. They ate cake on birthdays, just like you and I. They breathed air, just like you and I. You consider that next time you decide to breathe air.

Anyway, the showing of things: Grampy booger told booger doo about when he was a child, and how he had been a human. He told him about how he had married Mammy, who was also a human. He told about the great tower, and the giant cheezeburger, and the curse. I don't want to scare you, so I won't tell you these things.

Long story short, the spook chest is full of sandwiches to feed the great nose of scarydom, Grampy gave the chest to doo, and now they're all boogers. The end

Hope what you got from Trick or Treat was less disappointing, and sorry for the let down. Happy spooks and candy day!

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