Frozen Boxer Song

by Jawsh McCullaugh

to the tune of The Sweet Escape
by Gwen Stefani

(shiver noises)

If I could remember, why I would have done such a thing
I must have been drunk or lost a bet to be so stupid
Cause I would have not been so dumb
to put them in the freezer
I would have at least put them in the
maybe that's the reason my balls feel so cold

If I could go back, and recreate what happened last night
And I could see why I did that, oh
can't remember
why I'd put them in the freezer
If I could be smart
at least warm them up with a fart
I didn't think I'd ever do that
and put my boxers
inside the thing the freezes

frozen boxers frozen boxers

(shiver noises)

You know, it's dumb, you'd think I'd at least had a way
To keep a pair behind so I'd have one that's warm today
You know like hiding one inside a seperate drawer
inside a seperate drawer
or threw one on the floor

Cause maybe, I'm a little bit crazy
Think I'd least be lazy
Maybe you could save me
I can see that it was you
by the way that you're acting
I'm hopin that it get's over
so cold I can't even rhyme



I came up with this song after hearing The Sweet Escape 67 times in one week (not that it's a bad song, the radio just only had 5 songs).  The part where they go "Woo Hoo, Wee Hoo," reminded me of this one Sierra Mist comercial where this guy pulls a pair of boxers out of the freezer and puts them on.  I got thinking, "that's the sound I'd make." So I wrote a parody around it and this is what happened.  And yes, I do intend on recording it and putting it on . (Of course, when that will happen appears to be a complete mystery.)

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