The Story of

or how came to be

Hello, and welcome to, the website where... um... wait, Hold up, isn't this Yes sir, yes it is, but it wasn't always Back in 2006 when this website was founded, it was named, partially because .tk domain names were free, and partially because I wanted to have a website named That dream came true, but more about that later on.

When first started, there wasn't much content on it. In fact, during it's time as a .tk domain, it only ever had five articles posted on it. The reason? I didn't know what to do with the website, or rather, I didn't know which direction I should make the website turn. I tried to make it a catchall place, cause I still thought of the Web like most 90s people did at the time. Every website must feature everything. Eventually, I got over that.

In 2008, my dream came true. I finally got That's right: a full fledged actual dot com website! And with it came the color orange! Just like I always wanted. In fact, I got to do my own website building, which was something I didn't get to do on my previous host. Since I got to build my own website, I had to re-port over the old articles. This meant some of them got "lost", but for a fun quest, I hear they exist if you dig hard enough. ☺

Oh dear! Might this become another multi-part article? Find out later on when we return with Part 2: The Next Part... if we call it that, and of course we didn't .

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