The story of

or how came to be

Part 2: The Structure Takes Fold

Update! I found a file. It might be slightly broken, but now you can see the old main page!

After the domain name changed to a "dot com", the site started really coming together. It moved away from trying to be an "everything" site, but it still didn't recognize it's proper place on the web. I still tried to integrate a "chat room" on the site, for example. Even though I still tried to make the site to be what it wasn't to be, it was still coming together. Stories started taking place in a town called Arkwood Pond, the site's humor started to take form, and I eventually stopped trying to make this site your front page of the internet. There are too many of those.

One thing that really helped this site, was when I realized how stupid the name was. I mean, I may have thought that was cool when I was 14, but now that I had it, I stopped caring to have it. (Well... sort of... you know, except I still do kind of have it registered.) I couldn't tell other people the name of my site, because it sounded so... dumb. That's when I decided the site needed a new name, and I came up with... uh... came up with... uh... uh... uhhhhh......

Come on, really? How long are you going to drag this out, Jawsh? You can't take what was supposed to be an "about this site" section and make it simple? Fine.

Hey kids! Find out the obviously stupid answer to this dumb cliffhanger whenever this jerk decides to update it, unless you're reading this later, in which case this link should work.

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