The story of

or how came to be

Part 3: When it came to be

...uh... where was I? Oh... right! The name! Yes, the name that I came up with was... oh... what was it? I don't think I came up with one. Lemme check the address bar real quick.


I haven't come up with a name yet. was supposed to be a temporary name. Since I already had for McCullaugh Computing, it was really cheap to make and not waste any money on a domain name that I'd turn out to not like a few weeks or months later. So that's what I did. I smashed the site's design up, and created a butt ugly page which you can view by clicking on this HyperActive WebLink! . That page stayed until I came up with a newer butt ugly design that would make any proper web designer throw their ramen. This one! (somebody please remind me to correct this link once moves over to the new design. thanks!)

I did all that, just to make the site have a more professional sounding name.

And I still haven't come up with a name.

How's that for a real life cliffhanger?

Three parts and you still haven't got to the part about the humor yet? That was the whole reason for this article to begin with. You're a terrible, ineffecient writer, Jawsh.

How about that cliffhanger, kids? Doesn't it just draw you in to the next part? Too bad a link won't appear here until it's done being written.


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