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Hello. This is a big paragraph. I mean, it's like, really big. I'm going to type a lot of things in this paragraph! You won't believe the amount of things that will end up here! It's almost like a waste of time. You'd think so, if you knew more about flexbox than I do. Also, if you do, can you please tell me how to make the sidebar actually stick to the side? That info could really come in handy. Like, I would totally use that, if I could. Also, how do you make paragraphs word-wrap in IE11? Every other browser just does it automatically, but it doesn't work in IE11. Why it that? I'll tell you why. Cause someone's a stupid poopy head. That's why.

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FrillerWorks is a production of SpiltPopcorn Productions. As such, our main online outward presence is through SpiltPopcorn.

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Jawsh McCullaugh is the main author of this site, and sometimes site content gets linked on to his online profile pages. In fact, this site was the whole reason his twitter account was created.

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