Privacy Information

FrillerWorks is working on devising an official privacy policy for when the cool features come in. Until that is completed, this document will stand in its place.

We (FrillerWorks/SpiltPopcorn Productions/ Network) do not wish to violate the privacy of our users. We have no intention of taking your data without you knowing of it first. We also have no intention of storing unwanted tracking information on your computer (such as cookies). That being said, there are portions of the site that do store cookies when you click certain things. The goal of this document is to notify you of where those things are.

As was the policy of, FrillerWorks will set no new cookies, nor use external advertising services, on the front page. The front page is what you see at the URL "" or "" (quotation marks added for clarity). This policy is also extended to the Privacy Information document, currently residing at "". Optional cookies used for site experience customization may be set by the user's (that's you-sir) discretion. (Y'know, once those features become implemented.)

As mentioned above, there are certain parts of the site that already use cookies/tracking information, and do so automatically. These features are in the legacy portions of the site, and eventually the privacy violating features will be weeded out from there as well. This paragraph will tell you where these features are used. Google+ integration is used on pages found in the "Before" section of the website (all URLs beginning with either "" or ""). This, of course, excludes Before's main page, and Before's privacy policy. Also, there is a settings cookie (non-tracking, and no Google+) that can be set in the "My Thoughts" pages. It is only set when you change the order of the blog entries on the contents page.

I'm sorry that this document is a little bit of a heavy read. It's only meant as a temporary measure until a better privacy policy can be formed. If you wish to keep informed for important changes to this document, you may wish to keep an eye on the SpiltPopcorn Facebook and Google+ pages, linked on the right. Also, if you come in to the site at the right time, you might see a notice in the announcement panel. When ParrotCattle gets rebuilt (and yes, it is getting rebuilt into something better than a mailing list), privacy policy notices will be posted there as well.

Also, did I mention that ParrotCattle will be coming back, cooler than it ever was? Cause that's neat.

Addendum: It's been brought to our attention that our host automatically logs all IPs that connect to this site, and that we have access to said log. We are not currently using this for anything, but please be aware that this does occur. If this is a problem for you, then you should be able to somewhat overcome this by using a VPN.

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