Boolean Algebraic Theorems as Applied to Hot Chocolate

I was sitting in Digital Logic class when the professor started talking about Boolean Algebra. He began discussing certain theorems and the names of those theorems made me start thinking about hot chocolate. Actually, when he got to the first one, that was all I needed to get started. So, now that class is out, I'm going to share these theorems with you.

  1. Commutative: If you are serving hot chocolate to a group of people and there are not enough spoons to go around, people need to share their spoons or declare a certain spoon to be the community spoon.

  2. Associative: If one of the people using the community spoon is sick, then another person that uses that spoon will also get sick.

  3. Distributive: Everyone gets only one packet of chocolate until all have been served to make sure that there is enough for everyone.

  4. Absorption: If one uses just the right amount of hot water, and stirs well enough, then they will not need to worry about there being powder at the bottom of the cup.

  5. Combining: If there are not enough cups to go around, then couples will need to share a cup.

  6. DeMorgan's theorem: De one named Morgan gets to buy the chocolate next time. (I know it's not as good, but this one was hard.)

  7. Consensus: A vote taken to see which brand of chocolate is the most popular for a certain group of people.

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