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There's a new project here at FrillerWorks called QOTWBeyond. It's not completely developed, but enough of it is here to get started! You know the Featured Quote section of the site? You know, up in the top right hand corner? Well, it's going out beyond the little box: out into the wild world called... The FEDIVERSE!!!!!! You can follow the lastest quotes on there, see all the new quotes posted, and help contribute some of your own quotes for our system!

Don't know how to help on The Fediverse? Well, sit back and read on for info to help catch on to the new wave of internet socialization!

The first thing your need is an account on a node that's part of the fediverse. This would be some sort of server running GNU Social, Mastodon, postActiv, or the like. See how to get on one by clicking here! If you don't want to parse that whole big table, try some of these suggestions!

Once you're on the Fediverse, follow @qotwbot@social.arkwoodpond.info to see new featured quotes, and if you want to share one, make a new post with your quote and @qotwbot@social.arkwoodpond.info . If your quote gets repeated, then it's been accepted and will appear on Friller.Works .

In the future, I may develop a new system to post quotes right from here. Who knows. We'll see.

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