Okay, so yesterday I was looking through some older cookbooks trying to find a good recipe for pancakes. I ended up just eating cereal instead, but I found something rather interesting: Some of these older ones had recipes that you could use with your microwave. Looking back at that, I've decided to compile a list that I call...

Common uses of the Microwave for today

Alright, here's the list:

  • Cooking soup
  • Reheating leftovers
  • Starting fires with pieces of foil and silverware

Rather short list, isn't it? (Why yes Jawsh. Yes it is.) Not to fret though. This is not to say that the microwave isn't useful for today. (Oh really? Well that's good. I was thinking of throwing mine out based off of your list since I do everything the internet tells me to, but now I'll save it thanks to you.) Why do you do everything the internet says, oh fictitous person? Anyway, as I was saying, the microwave is still a great thing to have today, it just isn't used for what it was originally advertised for. The interesting thing is, nobody seems to fret over this.

A great while ago, but not as long ago as the Microwave Oven, the cell phone was invented. This was a mobile device for which you could speak with someone from a long distance. People still use it for that purpose today, but they also use it for writing messages, browsing the web, and killing time, many times more often than voice communications. The interesting deal is that unlike with the shift of the use of the microwave, some older people seem to be quite up in arms about this. "I use my phone to call people, and that's all I use it for. AS IT SHOULD BE!" Now I ain't the biggest fan of texting, but I do use mobile internet quite a bit (using it to write this), and I ask, Why, oh old people, does it burden you that younger people are using phones for different purposes than you? Why can't you just use the phone for what you like, and let us use it for what we like?

Anyway, I guess they aren't really stopping us, but just a question I had to ask. Also had to say the thing about the microwaves.

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