This year's FrillerWorks publication award goes to:

Ah yes, the moment has come! For over 16 years the tradition of the passing of Distinguished Service awards has been carried on by our precious government, and it's high time that such an example be adopted by publication agencies. As such, FrillerWorks will help pioneer the path for such a great tradition to be propogated outwards and forthwidth to all places of establishment, no matter how great or meaningless they are. We set forth to do so, by doing so ourselves.

Do not think that we do so lightly though. We've looked back on modern history and have found distinguished examples of notable recepients of such great awards of service. We continue forth, just as William S. Cohen, who on behalf of his boss, presented the award to his fellow man Bill. We also consider Robert M. Gates, who on behalf of his boss, presented such an award to his fellow man George. Let us not also forget the most recent distinguished example, where Mr. Ash Carter did also, on behalf of his boss, present such a meaningful award to his fellow man Barry. In light of such nobel examples, we also do the same.

It's time now, finally, to present such an award to recepient of which has been decided by this publication. With careful consideration of the aformentioned examples above, we've looked deep into their spirit and do believe that we do so in similar regard. As there is no one else available to perform the ceremonies, I, the author of this article, on behalf of my self, do hereby present the Water County Department of Publications Medal for Distinguished Authorship Service to the man who has contributed the greatest volume of articles to FrillerWorks, my fellow self: Jawsh McCullaugh. He has clearly deserved such meaningful recognition, and is the perfect man for such distinguishment. Oh yes, just like the real thing, this also is totally not a joke and completely meaningful.

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