Our Favorite Detective Vs. The Evil Group

Chapter 2: The Submission

Fortunately FrillerWorks isn't located in Water Tower, nor is it located on the same side of town. Since all public reports end up their direction anyway, I've decided to go directly to them.

"Aren't you supposed to submit your works to the public information office?" Hadn't they noticed?

"Uh... Water Tower is gone. Is there something I'm missing?" I inquired inquisitively.

"What do you mean it's... wait... huh?" The frontal support attendant quickly picked up the phone and dialed a number. "The line's dead when I call. Like, not even a disconnected number alert, or a busy signal. Just... the sound of death." Okay. That's weird.

"Let me try again," she requested. I nodded. After dialing, "It's the sound of nothing. It's the weirdest thing I've ever heard on the phone. When I listen to it, it's almost as though I forget that Water Tower was ever even there." Okay, I have to hear this.

I listened in to the phone. I listened deep, deep into the darkness. How could a line even do this?

"You know what's weird?" she asked. "You wanna know what's really weird?"

I hung up the phone. "I always want to know what's weird."

"We get several calls a day from various government offices, specifically offices that are located in Water Tower. We've received no calls from them today. No calls at all from Water Tower. In fact, now that I think about it, I even went downtown to check if there was anything going on, but I forgot why I was down and came back to the office. I even forgot, can you believe this," She stopped to chuckle. "I forgot that Water Tower even existed! How weird is that!"

Quite strange, but for some reason, I believe it.

I looked to her for a response. She looked back at me. Right!

"Quite strange, but for some reason, I believe it! Sorry. Blank moment." Phew. Fixed that fast.

After talking with her boss, I've been fixed up with a little room and a small desk to work at. Quaint, but given the circumstances, it'll do.

The question now is, what will he do while he's there? There's only one way to find out, and you already know what that is.

It's clicking this is what it is.

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