Our Favorite Detective vs. The Evil Group

Chapter 5: Uh-Oh

Well yeah, I mean, of course it worked . I wouldn't be telling you this story if it didn't work .

Zoom !

I know that's a really lame and cliché way to describe it, but I can't think of anything better. In twirled a hole, we got sucked in, and zoom , we were pushed out on to the surface in the center of town. We landed on our feet as well. I can't say much more, but it was the strangest experience. We were the center of attention. As we appeared back, we found that the rest of the town was standing outside and just watching. There was caution tape surrounding the hole, and officers standing around it, trying to keep your regular citizens from falling in, and yet the popularity we had at the moment wasn't what struck me.

What struck me was just how many people were coming out. It was so empty in there, but there were at least 70 people trapped inside, or 70 people that came out anyway. Anyway, I guess what's good is that there were 70 more people finally free, and many of them reunited with their friends. The important part here is the number 70, and making sure to repeat it over and over and over again. 70, 70, 70. There, now it's in your brain. It also bears no importance whatsoever, and shouldn't even be taken as an accurate number. I don't know what the actual number is.

After the people came out, the buildings started reappearing. Houses made their way back where they belong, and shops returned to their proper places. Everything almost seemed like it was in order, except for one thing. Water tower was still missing. Noticing this prompted a little miniature panic inside of me. I started looking around at the people who had escaped frantically. Yup, Cynthia's still missing! And so is Cheif Geordi! In fact, everyone that I can think of that was in Water Tower at the time it dissappeared is still gone!

Welp, time to go into full panic mode.

Actually, I've really got no idea what to do here... I mean had no idea what to do here. The memory of this moment is so intense it's like I'm reliving it just writing it. It makes it extremely hard to keep the tenses between past and present straight. Not that I'm very good at doing that anyway.

As I was saying, I had no idea what to do. My coworker's missing, my boss is missing, half the government's missing, and the problem appears to the uninformed eye to pretty much be repaired. Everyone's so happy to see their loved ones and friends that they didn't even notice that Water Tower's still gone, and that there are still people missing. I guess it's good that they're happy though. I hope they keep preoccupied long enough that they don't start questioning why the Mayor hasn't given a speech yet. I'm pretty sure... yup, he's missing. But still, nobody's... well, crap.

I just looked over and Richard's in a panic. Of course he would be, his wife's missing. Yup, he's most definitely noticed that she's gone, and he's...


He's jumped into the hole to try and save her. This could be really, really bad. What if he gets stuck in a state of contentedness down there? What if Bison&Jr.; aren't down there to help him now that FrillerWorks is completely restored? What if he never runs across anyone at all and finds noth...

He's back. Just him, and the rumbing that's never been there before.

Out of the big hole arose Water Tower. (Did I mention that the hole was where Water Tower was?) Unlike the other buildings that just sort of, reappeared, Water Tower actually came up out of the hole. It arose up to the right level, and then there was a big bang sound, and everything was back to how it was supposed to be. Well, not quite, but there were no more cracks in the sidewalk.

I was almost to the point of mellow satisfaction when I realized that I still had to check one more thing. I ran straight into Water Tower and saw Richard just standing in the middle of the floor. Without thinking about what I was doing, I motioned him to follow me, and we ran up the stairs directly to the fifth floor, and right into my office. I excitedly exclaimed "Cynthia! You're safe!" and then realized what I had just done.

"Don't get me wrong. I'm excited to see that you're alright, but I'm going to need a bit of an explantion as to why you're in this guy's room, and why he knows you this well. I'd like to say that I'm not suspicious, as I'd have no other reason to be, but..."

Yup, here comes another one of those moments where I've no idea what to do.

Time for a cliffhanger? It would seem like it, but I'm not going to leave you with any pause. No, the cliffhanger doesn't go here, it goes at the end of part two of this chapter . (For those of you viewing this much later on, part's one and two of this chapter were released at the same time.)