Our Favorite Detective Vs. The Evil Group

Quasi-Chapter 4: The Odd Trip>

Oh fine.

I guess I have to write my report in this boring old format for now. Stupid old records office and their stupid requirements. I'm gonna get that changed one day. Just you wait and see.


Here goes.

I ran. I ran to where Water Tower was and didn't find it. I knew it wouldn't be there, it wasn't earlier, but that's where this whole mess got started, and it's also where I lost Cynthia. I've got to find her. I've got to know that she's safe, not to mention the Mayor, Cheif Geordi, and all the other city staff stationed there, as well as the businesses on the first floor, and everyone whose house disappeared. Goodness sake a lot is gone. I've never seen, nor ever thought of, such a strange occurance.

There's a big old hole here instead. It's got caution tape surrounding it, and what police are available are guarding it. Yup, nice little crowd of people too. Weird noise coming out of the hole. Time to do something insane.

I jumped in the hole.


It sure is a long way (down?) this hole. It doesn't even seem like down. I can't even see the light from the top of... whatever this place is anymore. It's just nothing but pure darkness. Darkness that looks, sounds, feels, and permeates like the darkest of all darknesses you've ever seen, and yet, I can see myself just fine in it. That makes it somehow even darker yet.

I never hit the bottom of this bright, almost cheery, purple location full of strange lights and odd background music. In fact, I'm not even sure if there is a bottom, or top, or whatever other dimensions exist here. I'm not even sure if I have a body, or if that's what it's called. I see my hat made it back to my head, and I'm almost inclined to just accept the solitude and loneliness of this strange unforsaken place. I can't tell if I'm the only one here, but it seems like I am and that I should just fit right into my spot here.

Well, I'd be okay with that if I were ever okay with anything.

I called out.

"Helllllllloooooooooooooo. Anybody else here?"

No. That can't be right. They're not real, are they? I could have sworn they were just cartoons from the newspaper. They are, aren't they? We've only got one cartoon, and I'm fairly certain it's just fiction, but here's the two main characters from it.

"Whoa, hey! Looks like we've got a new arrival here," said Bison.

"Duuuude! Nice to meet ya! I never expected to ever actually see you! So cool!" choked Jr. Goodness I never realized what a messed up voice he's got. Guess that'll leave a new impression every time I read the funnies... or... the... one... funny.

"I never expected to see you either, considering that I didn't think you were even real," I quipped.

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure that we're not. We're not sure exactly how this is happening. It's almost like we've just sort of been questioned into existance, but I remember the entire time I've been here, ever since the FrillerWorks art office got sucked in too." I'm glad it was Bison speaking that time. Jr. needs to save his voice. Get a cough drop or something.

"Whoa, FrillerWorks art office got sucked in? I was just over at their main office before I came here, and it seemed just fine. Well, mostly just fine. I made an odd phone call from there and I'm not even entirely sure what happened."

"That's it!" said Bison jovially. "That's how we got here. We're not supposed to be here, but we were faxed in. We must have just slid on in here when you made your phone call into an already encapsulated building! That explains us."

That doesn't explain why someone was using a fax machine though. Seriously, fax sucks.

"It also doesn't explain what this place is though." Oops, I finished a thought out loud. "I mean, it doesn't explain what this place is though." Hate it when I do that.

"Oooohhhh, this place? Yeah, that's a good question." Bison had a quizzacal look on his face. Jr. piped up though.

"Yeah, not sure exactly how I just know this right now and not previously, but this is Revwood Pond. It's not an alternate dimension or anything like that, just a different side of things. A lot of stuff got sucked into here, and it doesn't quite make sense, but I've got a feeling that this ain't on accident. Everyone's fine, they're just in here." Would he choke on a cough drop though? I mean, does he even eat or what?

More importantly, how do I rescue everyone though.

"Oh, I've got the answer for that," exclaimed Bison. "Look, don't ask how I knew what you were going to ask. It's got something to do with a faulty lightswitch and the whole thing's just completely confusing and not really important or relavent to any of this. I didn't think of it till right now, but we can get out with this Revwood Pond portal generator."

"By we... do you mean everyone?"

"Yup. I'm fairly certain that's the way it'll work. Here, I'll go get it."

He did, and we tried it.

Is it a cliffhanger if you're in a hole and gravity seems off? I don't know. Here's a link to the previous chapter, and I'll give you a link when the next one comes up.

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