The Bad Guy:

Part 7: The Penguin Sticker

Hunting throughout the night I go searching for the one who caused all of this. Burning buildings, women and children screaming, these are just a few of the many things that haunted us on this gloomy evening. As I looked around at the carnage, I knew there was no one that could possibly deal with this horrible travesty. No one, except perhaps maybe SuperMegaTroise!

As I ran off to change into my disguise I hoped no one would notice who I was or what I was doing. For if they knew, then RobotoTron or one of his vile villans would find out, and then I'd be a goner for sure. I couldn't risk it so I zig zagged through town to hopefully become untracable as I ran to my secret lair.

"Hello Boss," Albert saluted. "As you can see, RobotoTron has practically destroyed the entire city. There's only a few buildings remaining but I want you to focus on one in particular. They seem to keep avoiding Levinburgs on Holster Ave. It's as though there were something special about that building, some sort of ultra awesomeness that seems to keep them away, but what it is I cannot seem to figure out."

"I'll bet I know what it is," I exclaimed as I put on my superhero costume. This had better be right, I thought, but I already knew that it was. Out the door I ran in order to get to Levinburgs as fast as I can. I had to get there and find the special element before...

"Who are you?" a nasty voice uttered from the pitifully disgusting mouth of an evil RoboTroid.

"My name is SuperMegaTroise, and I am here to defend this fair city against the evil clutches of RobotoTron!"

"Then start by defending yourself from me!"

With just one attack, I already knew his weak spot. All I needed was just to aim correctly and...

What the? I found myself sitting in a chair with my head resting on a desk. I looked around and came to a surprising solution. I had fallen asleep at work. Looking at the clock I noticed it was a half hour after I was supposed to leave. So I grabbed my coat, hat, and briefcase, and I headed home for the day. That was kind of embarrassing.

On the way home, I noticed people staring at me. They must really like my briefcase. It's a good briefcase. People kept staring at a particular part of my briefcase, I happened to notice. They kept looking at the pengiun sticker. Guess that should be a good strategy for catching paper bag man after all.

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