The Bad Guy:

Part 4: Day 2 or Who would have guessed we would get this far this fast?

The next day at work I sat down at my desk. Of course, in order to do this I had to get to my desk by entering the office door. Then, I had to go over to my desk, which was at the opposite side of the office and sit in the chair. Ah, yes: the chair. The nice shade of faded red let me know that the chair was old and worn. Worn in from all the sitting that was done in it and the comfort that it brought. The nice relaxation that a nice ol' trusty chair can bring. I love this chair. It's a good chair. A nice good chair to get work done in.

Work! Right, that's something that I needed to get to. Sitting there at the nice Maple desk, I began to go over my notes. Obviously, this guy was trouble. I mean, why else would he run at the sight of me? But then again, why does everyone run at the sight of me? I mean, I'm not that ugly, am I? And speaking of ugly...

Why was he concealing something in a paper bag? Was that something ugly? I mean, what would he have to hide? It must have been something bad. Maybe even something illegal. Like, an eagle. No, that's stupid. You couldn't fit an eagle into a bag. Unless...

Maybe he was hiding eagle meat. I wonder if eagle meat tastes good. I guess I'll never know since it's illegal. Or at least, I think it's illegal. I probably shouldn't be discussing this. But it's important to the case; so, maybe I shouldn't be leaving any of this out. Maybe I'll research the taste of it somehow to see if it's good so that I can know if he's trying to hide eagle meat or not.

The thing that bugs me about this whole situation is that all we know is that he's carrying a paper bag. Not that there's any thing wrong with paper bags. I mean, paper bags are quite cool. I like carrying food in paper bags. I like getting food in paper bags. And that's what gets me. Yes, something thinks that I am food, and it will get me from the grocery store. I like going to the grocery store. It's a good place to shop for food. I got some ketchup there.

Knock, Knock. Another knock at the door, just like yesterday. People knocking at the door for two days in a row. This whole thing must be catching on. I think that I'm getting to be quite popular, people coming into my office for two days in a row. Why, yes. I'm becoming quite the man, it seems. I wonder who it could be this time.

"Come on in," I said, quite casually.

"Hey, um... uh..." It was Ann.

"Hey, Ann, do you know if Eagle meat is good?" I asked. She looked at me rather confused. People do that quite a bit. I didn't think that I was that confusing of a person. I mean, I just say what's on my mind and roll with it. If I'm only saying what's on my mind, it can't be that confusing can it? It's not like I think very complicated thoughts. Back in junior high, my teacher told me I wouldn't get anywhere in life cause I'm too stupid. So, that being the case, I don't understand why people should be so confused at what I say. I mean, I'm just a simple man. Just a simple man who's chasing after a guy with a paper bag. And I don't even know why I'm doing it. But I got this far and I'm not going to stop. It could be my only chance of getting anywhere in life. I'm sorry, just had to get that off my chest. Now, what was I saying? Oh, yes.

"Eagle meat? Isn't that like, illegal?" Ann inquired. "Also, why are you calling me Ann?"

"You told me it was your name," I said. I'm sure she said that.

"What? That's not the... Oh... right. That. You're pretty funny, but you concern me just a little." People are always saying that to me too. What is so concerning about me? Can somebody please tell me?

"Anyway," she continued, "I just thought I'd give this to you." It was a briefcase catalog. Why would I need one of these? "Turn to page 44," she said. So to page 44 I turn. I'm still not sure what this is about. Why would I need a briefc... Oh, yeah. Man, if I could get a nice leather one that's kinda like a light brown with a nice red handle. Now, that would be the case to have.

So here I am, looking at the briefcase catalog, page 44. I'm not sure exactly what I'm supposed to be looking at, but then, there it is. The case. With brass latches, a light brown leather, and a dark red handle. On the inside was a business card holder, and a nice fan file for storing documents. Yes, this was the case. I just had to get this one.

"So, where can I find this case?" I asked.

"It's at Levinburgs on Holster Ave."

"Cool," I said. "Is there anything else?"

"Well, I'm starting to wonder if he's hiding any sort of important documents," Ann answered, "but other than that, I don't know. Well, I'd better be off."

"I think I'll be off too," I exclaimed as I put on my coat and hat, and set off to Levinburgs on Holster Ave.

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