Not Russian Enough

Chapter 2: Getting in the right headspace

Richard looked at me expectantly, as though I should be saying something.

"I simply asked what was going on guys. I'm not looking for a bunch of secret details. It's just that I've been trapped in this office for so long that I've got no idea what's going on so all. Do they still have stores? Do people live in houses? Are there aliens taking over the place? I've really no idea what's happening at all these days. Last thing I knew, the world started disappearing and then it came back, and now I'm stuck here. What's going on?"

"The man never reads, but he's become so bored that he wishes he read the news." I can't tell if Cynthia was perplexed, just having fun, or some combination of both.

"I, uh, I have an idea that might allow you to go back to your home." I had a feeling this was not going to go over the best, but I have to try something. "I know that you're not a big reader, so I don't know if heard about this, but quite a while ago FrillerIdiot reviewed a device that can... uh... You know? Why don't we back up a little bit?" This was getting uncomfortable fast.

"Cynthia, the reason that Richard is in here in the first place. It's because he knows something he shouldn't, right?"

"I'm right here you guys." Richard looked annoyed.

"Yes. Richard is quite possibly in serious danger because he knows who I am. What are you getting at?"

Ohhhhhh boy. This one is not going to be easy. Um....

"What if we were... what if... uh... If there were a way tooooo remove..."

"You can't just dig stuff out of my brain!" Yup, he's horrified all right.

"No, not quite that, but if we could block off some bits of that information so that you can't think about it, it'd be kind of like not remembering and thus not knowing, right? So, if that could solve the problem, can we do this? Like, if we could do it in a safe way that only does that and the other functions of the device were turned off..."

"WAIT! WHAT DEVICE‽ WHAT DO YOU MEAN 'OTHER FUNCTIONS'‽" Yeah I've completely terrified him at this point.

Deep breaths.

Deep breaths.

"So, um... I have a friend who lives in Russia, and he's a researcher in taking over people's minds."


"Yes... that is his field of research, but's he's not a bad guy, I promise. He's *snicker* really not a bad guy." Why can't I contain this laughter, this is not good.

"You're laughing about this. I'm stuck in this office, my life is in danger, you're talking about taking over my brain and... and... You're laughing! You're just... laughing!" Now Richard busted out laughing too, but his was in the absurd sarcastic way. "Let's all just have a laugh then. It's really REALLY FUNNY how f---ed up this all is! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! BOY WE'RE REALLY HAVING FUN HERE!"

It was at this point that Chief Geordi knocked on the door. Everything got silent for a moment, and then the door creaked open just a crack, with only an eyeball sticking in the room and a hand placed on his 2A self-defense stick. The door creaked open a little bit more, and CG slowly came in.

"Is everything all right in here? I heard some shouting down the hallway, and I came to see what's going on."

Richard demeanor straightened up just a little, but he still looked really upset.

"This... this is just unbelievable. Your dude here's got me stuck in this place for a while with not much to do and..."

CG calmly but firmly interrupted. "Yes, your wife has filled me in on the situation. I understand that it rough, but you've got to..."

"Did they tell you what they plan to do with me?"

"Beyond keeping you here until they can figure something better out, no, they haven't."

"This dude here said he knows a guy who can make me forget because he's an expert at taking over people's minds. Then this joker starts laughing saying it's okay because he's not a bad guy. Can you believe this? Mister 'Not a bad guy' takes over people's minds."

CG puzzled over this for a second. "Not a bad..." Then the light hit him.

"Oh. So uh... this means you remember." CG was looking right at me. "How much do you know?"

"I just remember that Jaseph is my friend, and that he moved to Russia to become an evil scientist, but not one that does anything mean." Not sure what I was supposed to forget, but okay.

"Okay, that's... that's good. Are you still in contact with him?"

"It's been a while since I've called. I never did get to try out one of those NAVAL implants of his, but I think that if I could get him to modify one with Cynthia's direction, then maybe Richard should be okay."

CG stopped and visibly let the idea churn in his head for a minute.

"Cynthia, what do you think? Would this help his situation?" CG still looked a little unsure.

"Well, if we were to find a way to really make it known that he can't remember who I am, then maybe I can use that to advocate that he doesn't get hurt." Cynthia looked a little uncomfortable, but rather sure of herself at the same time.

Richard even started to relax a little. "So you say that this will really be a good thing?"

"Yes honey. I really think that this would be what's best. If our friend here thinks he can really pull this off, then I believe that you could finally come home."

"Well then, that's settled." CG slapped his hand on his leg. "If you can do just a little checking up on some stuff for me, the city will pay for Cynthia's and your fare to go to Russia and check this out for me. Make your phone calls, set some dates, and make it happen soon."

Off to Russia huh? I would have never thought that one of our people would go so far away from Arkwood Pond. I hope that they'll be all right, but the only way that we can know is to stay tuned and read further on to the next episode of Our Favorite Detective Duo.

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