Not Russian Enough

Chapter 5: Questionable Title

"She uh... she uh... she was going by that since before I knew she was married. Maybe she was really into that Richard guy beforehand, and so she... well... I don't really want to suppose, but... maybe she was into him and wanted to feel... uh... well... I really shouldn't. That's... I don't know. I just really shouldn't." I've never heard Jaseph... Yosef stumble his words like this.

In fact: Speaking of the whole name change thing...

Dear Diary:

Why do my friends keep changing their names?


How do I keep running into this sort of thing? It makes no sense!

"You might recall how by the time you get here."

Wait. Did I just seriously write a diary entry out loud?

"Yes. You did. Just like how you keep thinking out loud. I know you, my friend. It's what you do. In fact, in a second you're going to realize the question you really should be asking."

It took me a second, but I got it.

"This question I should be asking is how did you know that I was planning to come to Russia to visit you!"

There was silence on the phone. Then a sigh.

Finally Yosef spoke.

"No. Nononononononono. I take it I was a little early. And, come on, it was pretty much implied that you were going to come here and bring your troubled friends with you. No, that's not it at all. And by the way, you might want to leave Richard at home. Just you and Cynthie come. No, the question was supposed to be: How does Geordie know that you want another cup of coffee?"

It was at that moment that CG came into the room with a second cup.

CG spoke up, "Tell your friend on the phone that I was waiting for him to ask the question before I entered the room." CG raised an eyebrow, and then left the room.

"No no, Jaseph. You've gotta understand. I should question that, but that's not what I'm going to question. No! What I'm going to question is this: How, when you said his name out loud, and said it perfectly fine, and didn't say the letters of the name... how... how did you manage to misspell it?" This is the stuff I puzzle on.

"Good old buddy, old friend of mine. Our Favourite Humble, Wandering Detective. That there, that is the question you would ask. You'll skip right over what you seem to need to ask, and go straight for the questions that nobody knew to ask. That there, that truly is the real question. How can I misspell a word, only by speaking it? It is truly an amazing accent that I have developed, isn't it? This is the kind of stuff that our kind longs for. These are the secrets that you need to know." Jase... Yosef is a bit more cryptic than usual.

This can only mean one thing.

Oh yes...

This can only mean one thing indeed.

My buddy's got something really cool to show me.

"I can't wait to see you."

This one's a small chapter, but if you recall, it's kind of a break off of the other chapter and not a full one of it's own. Kind of like when you break a kit-kat bar but it doesn't break off completely at the line and a bit of the end of the bar busts off separately. This chapter is that end bit.

Oh yeah... the main part of my job: What mysteries await us to behold? What will happen next time? Will we find out what the cool thing is? Will we find out why Richard has to stay at home? Will we find out who spoke the last line of this chapter?

The only way to ever know is to stay tuned until NEXT TIME!!!

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