Not Russian Enough

Chapter 6: Coffee Coffee Coffee

Dear Diary:

It's been forever since I've seen him.

Why have I forgotton for so long?

Actually though, I do wonder how Ja...Yosef knew that CG was coming with more coffee. And how did CG know the exact moment to come in?

"Because I knew exactly where in the conversation you were." CG's just about creeping me out at this point.

"No, but Chief, like, how did you know exactly when to come in. I don't care how predictable I am, there is no way you guessed it exactly. You'd have to bug my phone, but unless you're somehow using bluetooth inside this building where we can't even get modern computers or cell phones to work, you still wouldn't be able to get the timing so exactly right and GOODNESS DOES MY HEAD HURT!"

"Drink your coffee."

"Now see, also, that bugs me..."

"WHAT bugs you?" CG looked a little upset and frightened.

"Why do I want so much coffee? Why do you know I want so much more coffee? Have I been awake so long that I forgot I've been awake so long?"

"DRINK your coffee." CG's staring me down rather... hardly... hard like?... at this point. I'm a bit frightened at this... point. I'd better... uh... I'd better drink the coffee.

Everything [redacted]

That's better. I feel better.

"See? I knew you'd feel better. But now, I have to ask, what all do you know?"

What a question. "I know that I need to go to Russia, and get a bellybutton implant for Richard. Also, I... uh... I think I... uh... well, I might remember a... schematic for something. I think you might know what." I paused for a minute. "But you know what I still don't know?"

"What do you still not know?"

"Do you have working bluetooth in this building, and if so, then HOW?!?!?"

"Of course I don't have working bluetooth. I..." He looked a bit flustered. "Look, I can feel when you need coffee. Just trust that, okay?"

I really don't know what's going on, but it's weird.

It's really weird.

Well, if our detective friend is lost, then how lost are we? No, seriously, what's going on with this story?

I'm getting weirded out.

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