The Wild and Wacky Water Caper

Episode 3: Microwave?

"I'll take your microwave if you're done with it."

"Thank you," I replied to the blue-shirt.

I never could figure out why some waitresses always have blue shirts on and why some always wear red, but it's always the blue shirts that come to take the microwave. I quite usually place my order with a red-shirt, and it's always a blue-shirt that comes to take the microwave. It's a tossup as to who I pay, and I can never figure out how the tipping system works at Munchpike. They say it's not necessary here, and hopefully that's truly the case because the food costs a little bit more here than anywhere else I go. Oh well, worth it for the taste.

"You know, they have proper sandwiches here." Cynthia looked at me like I'm an idiot. I'm getting quite used to that stare though, and it's effects are wearing thin. "Why do you always get the frozen meal here anyways?"

"I like that home cooked taste."

"That's really sad. You're really sad, you know that?"

Sometimes I wonder why I got her this job.

"Hey, we were here to replenish nutrients while we plan out our moves to investigate the death of Mr. Swollenspepper?"

Oh, right. That's why. She helps keep me on track. Well, that and she's good with investigations, which is a strong trait to have in a Detective.

"Yeah. I imagine that he's probably already at the morgue, so maybe if you could swing by and get some details from anything that they may have found if they've done an autopsy, and I'll check with the pharmacy to see what kind of drugs he might have been on, and see if I can find any clue of any of their medications possibly being tampered with."

"Oh sure, put me in the morgue. I see how it is." I could tell that she was just being sarcastic.

"I figured you'd be alright with it, what with your mother being a surgeon and all."

"Yeah, fine. I suppose I'll do it."

I'm sure that she'll actually enjoy it. If nothing else, it'll be better than dealing with the lady that had just approached us.

"Don't you care at all? I swear you people just sit around wasting all the day away taking our tax dollars and doing nothing with them! What about my son? I need to know if he's alive!"


It was Mrs. Hickleflour.

Cynthia tried to attain the best composure possible. "Yes Ma'am. I promise you that we actually are trying to do the best that we can to find Jacob, but we just don't have any leads at the moment. I promise you that as soon as any information turns up, that you'll be the first person that I call, and I will see to it that we will immediately have a team out to whatever direction we are pointed. We just really don't have any information right now, and I'm terribly sorry that we haven't found your son yet, but I promise you that the case is still open, and we are committed to finding him wherever he might be."

Mrs. Hickleflour was not pleased.

"You haven't been able to find him, or you HAVEN'T EVEN TRIED TO FIND HIM?!?!?"

"I'm very sorry ma'am, but we are trying and just haven't come across any clues. I will contact you as soon as we come across any sort of information about him."

"I just don't feel as though you're doing all that you could. I feel like taking this up with your supervisor!" It seems as though there was no pleasing her. I don't blame her though. Losing a son and not knowing if he was alive or not would be awful. I don't even want to imagine the idea.

"Please feel free." I don't know how Cynthia managed to stay calm through all of this. "His name is Geordi Kwrakknsvr, and he's on floor 7 of this building, fourth door on the right hand side after the stairs."

"I hope you're not leading me on, but I'm going to him right now!" Mrs. Hickleflour stormed off in a huff.

"Well what am I supposed to do? Sit beside the phone all day?" Now the real emotions were creeping out.

"No, Cynthia. You really are doing the best that you can. It's just a bad situation is all. Here, let's put our minds back where they go and take the case."

"We already took the case."

"Yeah, but I hadn't said take the case yet and had to fit it in somewhere."

Well, what an ending to this chapter. Make sure to tune in next time to find out what our two detectives find!