The Wild and Wacky Water Caper

Episode 4: Why Can't I?

"Hey, you really don't want to get the water today."

C'mon blue-shirt, are we in Mexico? I mean, really? Don't drinka de water? Ain't we got filters here in the U.S.?

"Nope, we're not in Mexico. We're in the United States, and yes, you really don't want the water today. Also, did you just call me blue-shirt? Really? I have a name, you know."

Well that's embarrassing.

"My apologies," I replied, a bit embarrassed and redundant. "That wasn't supposed to be out loud. Sometimes my thoughts slip out of my mouth, and that was one or several of them. Yup. Going with several. If you break your thoughts up into small individual thoughts while counting them, you get more thoughts, and more thoughts is more smart." There, that ought to cover it.

"Ahhaha, that's a good job. You did really well coming up with that." She sarcastically patted me on the shoulder. "Also, my name is Clurain. Just for reference."

"Ah, well, nice to meet you. Sorry about the Mexico complaint." I shook hands and shuffled off quickly. Don't want to waste time. Yeah, that's what it is. Not because I was still embarrassed. Not at all.

Shortly after we had left, Cynthia and I split ways. She went off to the morgue, and I to the Tri-City Corner-side Phar-market Corner Store and Pharmacy. Yes, that's a really long name.

Upon arriving, I approached the counter and asked the register-man if he'd be able to provide me with some information corcerning a case that I was working on: specifically, this one. After telling him that I needed to know about any tampering with medications, he got a little uneasy and told me that he couldn't really answer that. I told him that I was with the police, and he directed me to speak with his manager. Makes sense, so I told him I'd be willing to wait.

Once the manager arrived, he led me into his office. "You'll have to forgive Clearance, he's been trained really well to not say any more than he has to." I smiled and nodded. You know how it is with privacy laws and all." I smiled and nodded. "Anyway, I'll be happy to help you out just as soon as we get inside my office."

Just as a note since you're probably wondering: yes, his name is spelled Clearance, not Clarance. I checked.

Once we got inside the manager's office, he closed the door. "Alright, what can I do ya for?"

"We've got a case going on where a man died shortly after taking his medications, and so I need to find out if anything's happened here. I'm not saying or suggesting that you guys had anything to do with this, but I'm looking to see if it's possible that somehow he received the wrong medication, or God forbid, that your supply got tampered with."

"Well, we can check out what we have if you can supply the name of the medications he was taking." Not quite the reply that I wanted, but I might be able to work with it.

"Yes, well, unfortunately I didn't quite receive that information. I only know that his name was Harvy Swollenspepper. Can you look up what medications he was on?"

"I'm sorry, I can't do that." The manager had an apologetic look on his face. "Patient protections laws are gonna require me to see a warrant before I can go sharing personal information like that. Can't even do it for the police. Sorry."

"Well, I guess that puts me at a standstill for the moment." I was a tiny bit annoyed, but trying not to show it. Those laws do exist for a reason, after all. "Unfortunately, I haven't got a warrant yet. This case is still pretty fresh."

"Ah, well, sorry I couldn't be of further assistance. If you find that you need anything more though let me know." The manager extended his hand to me, and he offererd me a card. "I hope we can get this matter sorted out."

"I hope so too, and I hope soon. I'd rather not hear of anyone else dying." I proceeded to thank Mr... Gerald Kimsblucker for his service, and made my exit.


Shortly down the road I met up with Cynthia, her just getting done at the morgue. "How'd everything go down at the Phar-market?" Her inquiring manner prompted for a good answer. Too bad I didn't have one.

"Well, it was a bit of a wash. The manager tried to be helpful, but he couldn't really give me any info that I needed. How about your expedition?"

"Well, I was able to write a short report about it. Would you like to read it?"

Yes, of course we want to read it! It's going to drive me nuts waiting for the next chapter to see what's in it! As least I get to complain about the ending of this chapter though. That's always nice.

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