The Wild and Wacky Water Caper

Episode 5: Medibabble?

In dealing with the case involving the demise of Harvy Swollenspepper, these are my findings in conversation with Mr. Connor Skorcavilitz, which is the pathologist (or autopsypator as Our Favourite Detective refers to the job as, for reasons unbeknownst to man and beast alike) assigned to the case of the previously named deceased..

The subject was found to have a compound similiar to propofol in his bloodstream, but not what would usually be considered to be a lethal dose. Propofol is generally administered as an injection; however, the subject does not appear to have any evidence of a place of injection within their corpse. I have inquired as to any causes for said chemical to be found within the body outside of pharmaceutical usages, and the pathologist informed me that recreational usage is a possibility, albeit a rather slight one as most people would not attempt to do so without others to monitor their condition.

Ruling out purposeful unprofessional usage of the drug propofol, one might have a hard time pinpointing the purpetrator that poisoned Mr. Swollenspepper. (I promise not to do that again.) There seemes to be no other lethal substance in his body, but idea of this substance killing him doesn't add up either. Considering that the subject expired while taking his medication, and considering that propofol would not be a medication that he would take, this leads us not to the cause of his death, but instead leads us to more questions to be asked.

I highly recommend a search into Mr. Harvy Swollenspepper's recent purchases, and I recommend that we press further to finding what perscription drugs he was on in the first place.

This concludes my report concerning the autopsy.

Oh yeah. That's right. I'm gettin' all horizontal rule up in this business.

"Alright Cynthia," I exclamed after reading her report, "I agree."

"Well, I'm glad you agree, as you should. Now what in particular are you agreeing with?" inquired Cynthia.

"I agree that we need to go up to Chief Geordi's office and press him for a warrant. It appears we're not going to get much of anywhere without information as to which medications it is that he's been given."

Guess what? He gave me permission to spoil this cliffhanger for you guys, and I'm gonna do it. He got the warrant. There, now we can be at rest knowing that's resolved.

This doesn't feel right though. It just feels like I've got nothing to hang on to without the suspense of not knowing what's next, and if the aformentioned situation's been resolved. Um... um... um... uh... um... GOT IT! Yeah, that's it! What information will our favorite detective find now that he's received the warrant? Not quite the same feel but it's good enough. Will he find out useful information, or not? We'll only be able to tell by reading the next chapter of... The Wild and Wacky Water Caper!

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