The Wild and Wacky Water Caper

Episode 11: Murder Medicine

"What are you doing here? Why is he with you? Are you trying to ruin everything?"

This new character sitting right by where Wanda collapsed did not look very happy, and it didn't seem to be Wanda's condition that made her upset.

"You rotten person. Why? You ruined it all. You know how nice things could have been for us? We could have settled out of this very nicely, but things are going to be terrible for us now! You have no idea... no idea the pain you've unleased on us! You do know that by bringing them here, you've completely ruined this, right? You do have the capacity to understand this, don't you?"


This has to do with a lot more than just Wanda. Does this have anything to do with... Harvey? I see a bag of...

"You stupid fool!" Clurain looked even more upset yet. "Do you really think that this still could have turned out good for us? I mean, what even really does our plan accomplish? How does this do anything for us? Wanda went completely crazy and could have died! Do we even know that she's still alive? And if she's alive, is any of her still left? How long do the rest of us have? You and I have been careful for ourselves, but how long until we slip up and lose it for ourselves? What would we make out with then? I mean... I still don't even get what our goal was supposed to be? What do we even make out with?"


What even is this argument? And straight up: She straight up just has a big ol' sack that says "BAG O' WATER POISON" on it and she's just dumping it into a pipe. Where does this pipe even go? Why have I never seen this pipe before?

Clurain had the explanation.

"This in Annaverra, and she's been poisoning the water supply. Most people shouldn't die from this. In fact, the effects should be temporary for most, but as you can see... Wanda. And I'm afraid she's not the only one. It should just be hallucinogenic for most people, but too much exposure can do severe brain, and possibly heart damage. I wouldn't even be surprised if some end up dying from this."

She went further. "When we first started, neither Wanda nor I really even knew what was going on. We were just packing bags of unknown chemicals into other bags. She told us we'd be rewarded for helping her, and so we went with it. At some point I happened to notice that Wanda was starting to go a bit crazy. She started talking a bit about her friend named Grandma, and the more I listened, the more I noticed she was talking about a character from a comic strip. Then she just started to really lose it, and she just started run around yelling 'Waa'. That's when I started to grow suspicious about the whole operation."

"I noticed that it was the longer she was exposed to the chemicals we were working with, the more her brain started to go. I wondered why that could be, and what this stuff was for. One day, I couldn't take it anymore, and I began to investigate. I found Annaverra by this pipe, and I asked her what it was..."

"SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UUUUUUUUUUUUUP! YOU HORRIBLE! YOU RUIN IT! YOU RUIN IT!" Annaverra was quite red in the face, and she began rocking back and forth. Cynthia proceeded to detain her, and I listened to the rest of the testimony.

"She said that this was a secret pipe that lead to the water mains. I wondered how this could be, but it does seem to be true. I then started watching her more discreetly, and noticed that she was pouring the 'Water poison' in the water pipe. That's when I knew that I needed to take some action. At first, I just started trying to persuade people to avoid the water, but then I noticed who you were. I figured you might already be on the case, so I had to make sure that you kept your mind clear. I've been following you around, hoping you'd pick up on what's going on. I can't help but think that the death you've been investigating was caused by this."

"That makes a lot of sense." Cynthia was just returning from arresting Annaverra. "Harvey might not have died from medicine poisoning at all. Most likely it was propofol that you were putting in the water, and with his heart condition it wouldn't have just messed with his mind, it would have put him to sleep, permanently."

At this point, I had no choice but to ask: "Clurain, would you be willing to provide us with a written testimony of everything you've just said here?"

"Of course. I don't want this trouble to go any further."

"Neither do I," I agreed, "and I don't want this to plague Arkwood Pond any further. Once we get this paperwork done, we can get a task force to get our water cleaned back up. In the meantime, you keep doing what you can to get it out that the water should not be consumed, and we'll get Wanda to some medical attention. Soon enough, Arkwood Pond will be back to safety."

"Oh, and one more thing!" I added as I walked away. "I wouldn't doubt that Wanda met Grandma. I've actually met Bison and Jr.! They're at least somewhat real."

As we took Annaverra away, Cynthia looked at me with some concern. "You know what you said about Arkwood Pond being safe again?"


"I can't help but wonder about the safety of Richard."



We've really got to do something about him.


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