I'm sorry

It broke. It broke bad, and somehow keeps breaking worse. You see, a long time ago I had this bloggy like section of the site where I wrote stuff that I was thinking. It was a bit looser and more freeform than the rest of the site. I liked it. There was some good stuff there.

It's gone.

I think the files are sitting somewhere I can get to, but I don't know exactly where. There is one backup disk that has them, but there's another problem. My homegrown blogging garbage software broke. I can put a copy of the code that used to work up on a webserver, and it will somehow no longer work. It's puzzling.

I could rewrite the whole thing as a static site really easily, but I have some reservations with that. The only way I could do that involves breaking all the old url's (which has sadly happened with all of the jawsh.mccullaugh.com url's anyway because of permission issues). I really hate doing that though.

You know what's stupidly easy though? This.

I feel lazy.

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