My Thoughts --- ;P

An apology

Unfortunately, the My Thoughts blog is unaccessable at this time, due to an unexpected error (as opposed to an expected one). Hitting refresh won't help, the server backend's quite borked. I'm afraid... that it's moved on to the great server farm in the sky. Actually, no, it probably hasn't. I sold it to the glue factory and it's just gone now. Gone forever. Sorry, but you're old enough to deal with these things now and so it's about time I just started telling you to the truth. Now suck those tears back up or you'll get a whoopin'.

Okay, you decent now? Good, now I get to tell you the other news.

I'm not going to try to fix the broken script, but I'll give you this way of going back to see whichever blogs you want to see. If you happen to know the blog number you want, just navigate to , but replace xx with a one or two digit number between 1 and 44. That'll let you read the individual blog entries. The blog reader works, just not the index generator.

I may, however, try to write a replacement system, if'n I get the notion to.