Wal Screw It

Thar was t'other 404 page thet was added t'th' sarver befo'e this hyar one, an' it was nice. Th' name was sumpin about bein' better, but it warn't. ah dunno, figger it out it yo' wanna see it. Ennyway, findin' it's not th' point. In fack not findin' stuff is, but mo'e on thet later.

ah was still nice. Too nice. Apologitically nice, an' now ah feel bad about thet. Not ah feel bad like th' pansy feel bad type like ah was befo'e, but bad as in ah didn't does mah right duty of insultin' yo' fo' whut yo've done t'th' address bar. It's a mess. How c'd yo'?

ah mean, an' ah mean thet ah's mean in whut ah say thet ah mean, did yo' seriously jest type a bunch of gibberish into th' second ha'f of this hyar URL? How is ah supposed t'find a docoomnt wif thet name, yo' dumb. Well bust mah britches an' call me streaker... stoopid haid. Seriously, how stoopid c'd yo' be, yo'... uh... not so smart one, huh? It's pow'ful simple. Stop typin' th' wrong thin's in, an' then, as enny fool kin plainly see... yo' know... uh... yo' won't git wrong thin's! Mebbe thass whuffo' yer wrong thin's.... uh... th' wrong thin', doesn't ya reckon?

I'll bet thet yo' doesn't reckon, an' thass whuffo' yo' typed in th' stoopid bad thin' thet yo' typed, jest like how yer stoopid bad, cuss it all t' tarnation... um, dawgone it... stoopid an' bad! Fry mah hide! Not like, bad as in th' fine kind, but bad as in yo've got a bad brain, like one thass not th' fine kind, an' thass whuffo' yo' type not th' right thin's into th' URL bar. Y'know, mebbe yo' sh'd hoof it to th' bar an' six pack alcohol stuff so thet yo' kin haf th' same amount of brain cells thet yo' already have, on account o' alcohol kills brain cells an' yo' doesn't got none so it's okay fo' yo' t'six pack it. Yeah, thet.

Aww... did ah hurt yer li'l fee-fees? I'll bet so wif all this hyar raw stuff ah's a-comin' up wif, thet yo' kin't come up wif, cuz yer not as fine as me at stuff tellyng thin's. Yeah, ah's th' best, an' yer th' one thass not th' best, but is instead th' one thet is th' opposite of thet one thet is th' best, of which yer not... ah reckon. Whichevah one'd be insultin', thass th' whut ah mean, as enny fool kin plainly see.

Ennyway, bein' th' bad an' not fine one thet yer, yo' desarve t'read erro' messages. Read this hyar next line, an' not th' one af'er it, cuz it's not fo' yo', cuz yo' only git bad erro's.

HTTP/1.1 404 Not Foun'

Addishunally, a 200 OK Erro' was incountered while tryin' t'use an Erro'Docoomnt t'han'le th' request

404! Fry mah hide!

Yo've been wastin' paper! Fry mah hide! Yo' sh'dn't be tryin' t'print out pages thet doesn't exist! Fry mah hide!

Don't print out 404 Erro'Docoomnts! Thar's no way yer a-gonna need this hyar on paper t'reference later! Fry mah hide!

Apologies t'all of yo' on browsers thet doesn't suppo't CSS media queries. Thet's only supposed t'show up t'varmints thet try t'print out th' 404 page. Mebbe a poem about a sick cat will cheer yo' up?