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What is this?

Killed a Bee

22 Sep 2013

So I apparently killed a bee without knowing it earlier today.

I was welding and apparently a bee flew in and got burned in half. I didn't even notice it until after I chipped the slag and saw this:

Where it came from

I'm saying you need to read this is what I'm saying.

A Household Hint from the Unix Fortune cookie

If you are out of cream for your coffee, mayonnaise makes a dandy substitute.


Saw this comment on reddit under another comment with this picture. Gotta love these people.

And here's the link to give creddit. (See what I did there?)


That's right! I'm saying Bees! Friggin Bees! Amazing creatures! Czeck out this video showing yet another reason to love them!

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The Beta Site for the redesign! It's viewable! It's almost even useable! Go... Go... Go... Check it out! (um... wait... aren't I here? hmm... um... this is embarrassing)

More Beta Site News

Our redesigned menu might get another re-design with submenus! I'll post the link when it's good enough to preview.
(Actually, I might just make a page with re-design news. Then I can keep these reports going without clogging up the WhatAmI_Saying! page.)

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Munchpike Feature!

Cause I think it's funny, that's why. Also, this means that if I ever start a restaurant, I have to actually make this an option. Read not more...


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